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Rikke Hembre + Simen Johannessen


We are a young couple who in recent years (2017 - 2019) have  spent winter sea spring working  at Tyrihan's ski café on Kvitfjell. During our winters here on the mountain  we fell in love with both Kvitfjell as a place and all the people we have met  up here.

When the summer semester comes, we spend a lot of time  travel around our beautiful country in  our habit. We  surfs, goes hiking and generally lives life. We both love getting to know new people, are excited about a lot of activity  and is always on the lookout for new good experiences.


When the winter ended in 2019, we were ready for one  project, which could challenge us. We  wished  to create something  new  and exciting here on Kvitfjell. A place that would represent us and where both we and the guests would feel  themselves at home.  


Together we came up with the concept EASY. 

Skjermbilde 2020-11-04 kl. 02.02.55.png


The creative soul

Rikke may recognize someone as the pizza girl at Tyrihans.


She is  creative, and  hair  big interest  for aesthetics, photography and interior design. She is the brain  behind everything from website, logo and design at Lettvint, at the same time as she is the general manager and chef at Lettvint.  

She is constantly coming up with new ideas for events and further development.  


You see her either with a smile on her face at Lettvint  or cruise around the slopes  on board. 


The boy who always smiles

Most people know Simen  as the bartender at Tyrihans. He may have served you a beer or driven you home after a late night out.


He is an active happy boy with a great passion for snowboarding. He has previously been a team driver for Burton.

He loves to spread joy and talk to new people, so feel free to sit down at the bar to have a chat.


You will find him either smiling at Lettvint or playing in Kvifjellparken.

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